CFC Covid-19 Information UPDATE

Dog Mask 


Hello Canine Fitness Centre Family & Friends,


 March 15th, 2022


What's up at the clinic these days.


The Alberta government has deemed that Alberta is “OPEN”, with no further need for Covid restrictions.  We are delighted, and have reduced many of our own restrictions as well.  There are a few that are sticking around for a wee bit however.


  • We tend to be in close confines with our clients for prolonged periods of time, as such,  staff will be continuing to mask in clinic.  MASKING IS OPTIONAL FOR CLIENTS (unless otherwise noted).


  • Can owners come in?  YES!  We have always allowed owners in during the pandemic. One of our therapists still requires that clients wear a mask in the treatment room, and you will already be aware of this or will be informed of this ahead of time.


  • If you would prefer to drop off your dog AND your dog is good without you and easy to handle, then we will happily meet you in the parking lot to collect your dog and then bring him/her back to you after their session.  We do ask that you come in for any initial assessments however.


  • We now have a very modified and reduced waiting room – two chairs only.  The lack of waiting room worked exceptionally well during the height of the pandemic, so we’re going to continue to request that you wait in your car and call to let us know that you have arrived.  If we're not ready for you right away, we’ll call you back or waive you in when we're ready for you.  All in all, this has significantly reduced dog-to-dog interactions (and indoor peeing episodes)!



Additional health and safety measures


•   Call us when you arrive: 403-204-0823


•  Hand washing / Hand sanitizing:  This is still a good practice.  Please wash your hands or use the sanitizer that we will still have out for use.


•  Payments:  You can pay immediately after your appointment, or alternately, you can take your dog out to your car, and either come back in OR call in for us to process your credit card over the phone.  


•  Appointment Timing.  We are doing fairly well in staying on time.  We promise that we are never as behind as you likely experience when waiting for a doctor’s appointment for yourself!   


•  Our appointment reminders say this as well, but just to reiterate it clearly: 


“If you have been directed by Alberta Health Services or the Canadian Border Services Agency to quarantine, then don’t come in.”  

“If you are sick, or anyone in your household is sick, or if you have been in close contact with anyone who is sick, then don’t come in.” 

"If you have any symptoms as per Alberta Health Services (cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose, sore throat, chills, loss of sense of smell or taste, pink eye, etc.), then don't come in."  

"If you are awaiting the results of a Covid-19 test, then don't come in until you have received a negative result, or have recovered from your illness."  


Lastly, THANK YOU to all of our wonderful clients!  We are honoured to be a part of your pets’ lives and to have established some truly cherished friendships with all of you!  We are here for you! 


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