Individual Sporting Dog Assessments

Hands, tools, and lots of knowledge and skill enable our therapists to fully evaluate your sporting dog at any stage of its sporting career!

Orthopaedic surgeons who treat the highest callibre of sporting dogs are recommending that you get your canine athlete fully evaluated at least once a year.  Major, career upsetting injuries can be detected during a sporting dog assessment by a qualified individual.  And that's where we come in!!!

 Canine Athletes

 Here's the scoop!

You book your dog in for a 1.5 hour assessment (but it might take longer), and the therapist goes through EVERYTHING on your dog with a fine tooth comb.

Your dog is measured - height, weight, chest and waist circumference, and limb circumferences.

We evaluate your dog with Infrared Thermography.

His/her stance and gait are captured and evaluated.

A special device is able to capture your dog's weight bearing patterns (% of weight he/she puts on each limb).

Balance tests are conducted.

Then your dog received a full body evaluation:  Each limb, front and back, and the whole of the spine, pelvis, and rib cage.

Afterwards, your therapist compiles the information into a report, but you get to walk away with a copy of the measurement form to peruse while the report is being completed.


Hands down, this is the MOST THOROUGH evaluation your dog will have ever had!!


You'll want to check out this video!  This was a full day of Performance Dog Assessments we did at the clinic.  It was exhausting and exhilarating and oh so informative, useful, and appreciated!



A written report of our findings and recommendations.


Sample Sporting Dog Assessment Report
Just a sample report


WE have also been amazed at how many subtle things we are finding with these evaluations!  They are changing how people work with their dogs and where they focus their training and exercise.  One thing we've learned is that there's no such thing as 'normal'!  'Normal' for an athlete includes some issues!  Let us find them and we'll come up with a plan to fix them too!


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