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Originally started as Newsletters for the Calgary & Area vets, we have decided to post our newsletters for our clients and other dog enthusiasts to view and enjoy.


2012 - 1 - Spring
Background information into canine rehabilitation and how physios with specialized training can augment traditional veterinary care.

2012 - 2 - Summer
This issue has information on ’Dentals’ & subsequent issues in the jaw, and non-surgical management of cruciate tears.

2012 - 3 - Fall
This issue discusses spondylosis and how rehab is not just about exercise!

2013 - 1 - Winter
This issue looks at some research into neuro-rehabilitation, the rehabilitation pyramid (i.e. rehab is a staged and progressive process), and geriatric rehabilitation.

2013 - 2 - Spring
This newsletter highlights some very interesting research in regards to neurologic dogs with spinal disc issues.

2013 - 3 - Fall
This juicy newsletter features research articles that pertain to cruciate repair techniques, relevance to osteoarthritis, meniscal tears, and hamstring activation.

2014 - 1 - Fall
The one and only newsletter for 2014... (we’ve been busy!!) This edition features information on geriatric exercise for humans and dogs, as well as some information if/when one is considering euthanasia for their dog.

2015 - 1 - Spring
Learn about patellar luxations, electrical stimulation, the often overlooked cause for lick granulomas & hotspots, and the troubles with excessive front end impact!!

2016 -1 - Winter
Winter slips & slides, Shoulder issues, & Shockwave

2016 -2 - Summer
The iliopsoas issue! Does your dog have a rear leg lameness? This muscle (aka the hip flexor muscle) may be the issue. Read on to understand more!

2016 -3 - Fall
Check out this newsletter to learn more about conservative management for disc herniations in dogs and management of senior dogs.

This issue is on vestibular dysfunction... a home technique, a case study & some clinic updates!

In this issue, learn about geriatric care, doggy dementia, CBD oil, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, and canine obesity. Lots to read! Check it out!

In this issue, learn about the Canine Athlete. We’ll dive into soft tissue issues, puppy assessments, our Sporting Dog Baseline Assessment, K-taping, and more!

Oh those pesky ribs! Check out this edition of CFC News to learn how rib pain might show up in your dog, some relevant anatomy, and how we find and fix these issues here at The Canine Fitness Centre.

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