Did you know? Bracing, Wheelchairs, & Harnesses...

06 Apr 2019

Today I had a client show me the braces she had made for her dog’s hocks (ankle joints).  Nice braces.  Made by a company we use.  But in this case, she had her vet measure and order them.  It took her vet 1 hour to measure for the braces!!!  (P.S. That’s a ridiculous long amount of time to just measure.)  When I asked her why she didn’t get us to do it, she said, I didn’t know you did that.  And furthermore, she said, you should really ... More

Puppy Development and Exercise

11 Mar 2019

 by Margaret Kraeling, PT, CCRT Everyone who brings home a new puppy is full of excitement and high expectations for what they would like to do with their new family member. This may vary from hiking to camping to any variety of dog sports. Some people who are involved in dog sports pick a specific breed or choose a puppy from a litter that seems to be best suited for that sport. Some of these dogs are extremely high drive / high energy. Many people who adopt dogs find that they have a... More

Licking and chewing on a limb… Maybe not habitual or a skin infection after all!

14 Feb 2019

By Laurie Edge-Hughes, BScPT, MAnimSt (Animal Physio.), CAFCI, CCRT Does your dog lick or chew at a foot or one particular patch of skin?  Does it suck on its back feet?   Do you notice that there is a patch of skin or one or two paws that are a bit pink in colour?  Is there an area where your dog’s hair is slicked down or a bit crusty from saliva?  Does your dog have a lick granuloma that you and your vet are struggling to treat?  Well then, you need to ... More


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