What is hind end awareness and why is it important?

13 Dec 2019

By Sue Van Evra, BScPT, MSc, BHScPT, Dipl Canine Rehab   Proprioception is the unconscious sense of position of the body at all times. Hind end awareness is the sense of position that a dog has of its hind end.  In other words, it is the dog’s ability to know where and how the hind limbs are positioned relative to its surroundings. You would think that dogs automatically have this sense when they start walking! … but dogs don’t naturally have a sense of where thei... More

Clyde – A most fascinating case!!!

28 Oct 2019

 By Margaret Kraeling, PT, CCRTClyde, a male border collie, was just past one year old when he was first seen in our clinic on February 7, 2018. He presented with unilateral facial atrophy on the left side. He was also seen at the vet for fever and lethargy.  He had a previous episode of lethargy in mid-December. At that time he did not want to bend down to eat. Prior to this episode he was a normal active puppy.He was at that time being treated with antibiotics and meloxicam and was a... More

A Tail to Tell

05 Sep 2019

I recently treated a lovely, energetic 7-year-old Ibizan Hound. He initially came to The Canine Fitness Centre with complaints of soreness on right hip extension and lower rib issues. Upon assessment I noted he had tenderness in his thoracolumbar and lumbosacral regions (mid and lower back) and a right pelvic dysfunction. He presented with tight myofascial tissue (myofascial tissue underlying the skin that attaches to muscles, joints and organs) and restricted and tender tail mobility. I also no... More


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