The Infamous ’SI’ Joint

10 Nov 2018

By Sue Van Evra, BSc.PT, MSc, BHScPT, Dipl. Canine Rehab The SI joints (or Sacroiliac Joints) are very important joints, but unfortunately are often overlooked as a source of your dog’s hind end pain and dysfunction.  These joints are part of the pelvis and play an important part in connecting the spine and the hind limbs. Anatomy:At the tail end of the vertebral column is a small bone called the sacrum. The sacrum lies between the lumbar spine and the tail. On either s... More

An unlikely journey towards happiness

03 Oct 2018

During the months of May and June this year (2018), we were privileged to spend time with Carmen, a lovely two-year old terrier from Mazatlán, Mexico, fostered by clinic co-owner Amalia while she underwent rehabilitation at The Canine Fitness Centre (CFC) for a fractured front leg. Carmen’s Journey began in Mazatlán in February of 2018, when she was rescued by the Mazatlán Animal Rescue group (MAR) after being hit by a car and left for dead. She was taken to a local ve... More

When is it not a training issue?

07 Sep 2018

By Margaret Kraeling, PT, CCRTAs performance dog handlers we spend many hours training and perfecting our dog’s performance in whatever sport we are competing in. And as good handlers we are aware of perfecting our training techniques to not only train the dog to do what we ask of them but also in a way that avoids injury.All goes according to plan until one day the dog is not performing according to our directions. These may be performance issues such as not getting the weave pole entranc... More


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