What’s Wrong with the Proposed Animal Bylaws in Calgary and How You Can Speak Up!

24 May 2021

And please speak up…In my conversations from dog owners this past week, there are two camps when it comes to the new proposed animal bylaws in Calgary. Camp 1 is all over it, involved in the engagement process, and mad as heck.  Camp 2 hasn’t heard about them at all!  My hope is to help the latter group to know what the Pet Bylaw Committee is proposing and how it could impact them and their dogs!   Right off the bat, I want to say that dog bylaws are necessa... More

Lumbosacral Disease

19 Apr 2021

Maybe there’s something in the water… but we sure are seeing a lot of dogs with back pain.  Not randomly located back pain.  Not Dachshunds with back pain.  But large-breed dogs with pain at the base of their spine – in their low back.  Dogs with presumably lumbosacral disc disease.  It’s been a very interesting run of cases. But firstly, What is Lumbosacral Disease?It’s a disorder that affects the nerves in the low back – at the... More

Dogs Finding Home

18 Mar 2021

Have you ever wondered how dogs find their way home when they’re lost?  Well, so have scientists!   I accidentally came across an interesting paper on this subject and decided to jump down that rabbit hole to learn more. This study looked at 27 hunting dogs over 600 trials!  They attached GPS devices to their collars and allowed them to roam free in a forested area.  To return home, dogs either followed their tracks to get back, or they scouted a new path... More


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