The Importance of Identifying Injuries in Puppies

05 Aug 2018

By Margaret Kraeling, PT, CCRTWe all know that puppies are rambunctious and play hard with their littermates and sometimes other family dogs. They are also just learning to use their muscles and perfect their balance and coordination. We often see tumbles or falls or body checks during that play time. Usually the pups bounce up and do not appear to have any injury. That, however, may not be the case.Unless an owner has specific expectations of a particular puppy these minor injuries likely go un... More

My Dog Has Back Pain! Who Should I See?

04 Jul 2018

  The phone rings a lot at the front desk!  (Not a complaint, it’s a good thing!)  One question we hear asked frequently is, “Do you do chiropractic”?  The simple answer is ‘no’.  The long answer is that all of our therapists have a degree in physical therapy, not chiropractic.  So, we don’t call what we do ‘chiropractic’, but we treat the spine and joints as well as the muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, etc. &n... More

What about Mom?

04 May 2018

  By Margaret Kraeling, PT, CCRT It is always such an exciting time when a new litter of puppies arrive. It is undoubtedly a very busy time making sure all the puppies are thriving and developing normally. It is also exciting as they grow to decide which pup is best suited to go to which home and is most suited for which “job” and especially picking out the pups to hold back that will prove valuable in your breeding program. At the Canine Fitness Centre we love to see new l... More


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