Gait Analysis - What different ways of moving can tell you about your dog

21 Dec 2020

Sue Van Evra, BSc, MSc, BHSc(PT), Diploma in Canine Rehab Here at the Canine Fitness Centre we are often asked questions about how dogs are moving; ‘why does my dog’s tail only swing one way when he walks?’, ‘why does my dog’s head bob up and down when she is trotting?’ or ‘is my dog’s waddle normal?   Normal Gait In order to understand abnormal movement patterns, it’s helpful to look at normal gait patterns first. The main dog gait ... More

Shockwave Spotlight

23 Nov 2020

by Laurie Edge-Hughes, BScPT, MAnimSt (Animal Physio.), CAFCI, CCRT Have you heard that noisy machine in the therapist treatment rooms?  Maybe your dog has gotten to experience it as well!  We’re talking about Shockwave!  It’s a therapy as exciting as it sounds!   There are actually two different kinds of shockwave – Focused and Radial.  Focused is a dialed down therapeutic version that stems from lithotripsy (i.e. how they blast away kid... More

To Train a SIT or Not?

22 Oct 2020

By Laurie Edge-Hughes, BScPT, MAnimSt (Animal Physiotherapy), CAFCI, CCRT There’s a blog that’s burning up the internet in the dog community.1 Some of our clients have been asking questions about it.  So, I thought I’d share some of my comments (and those of others) here.  The blog in question is written by a very well respected canine behaviourist.  Her work and insights in the behaviour arena are fabulous.  Her latest blog talks about &lsquo... More


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