Dogs Finding Home

18 Mar 2021

Have you ever wondered how dogs find their way home when they’re lost?  Well, so have scientists!   I accidentally came across an interesting paper on this subject and decided to jump down that rabbit hole to learn more. This study looked at 27 hunting dogs over 600 trials!  They attached GPS devices to their collars and allowed them to roam free in a forested area.  To return home, dogs either followed their tracks to get back, or they scouted a new path... More

Author Interview - This Old Dog. The Owner’s Guide to Providing the Best Care For Their Senior Dog

21 Feb 2021

I am very excited providing this to The Canine Fitness Centre followers!  This blog is a video interview of Shauna Slobodian, a physical therapist and canine rehabilitation therapist from Kingston Ontario who has written a book dedicated to Senior Dogs.  It’s a great book for anyone that has a senior dog or who’s dog will become a a senior one day (which we hope they all will).Check out the interview and then think about hopping over to Amazon to get a copy of your own!&nbs... More

Helping the Neurologic Dog – Pointing to More Resources

22 Jan 2021

Laurie Edge-Hughes, BScPT, MAnimSt (Animal Physio.), CAFCI, CCRT   I set out to write an original blog on items to help the neurologic dog.  The wobbly.  The disc dog.  The paralyzed dog.  The degenerative myelopathy dog.  And so on.  I was inspired by another blog I saw… but then I thought, “Why reinvent the wheel?”  “Why not just share tidbits and links to those blogs?”  Those that want to skim, can skim.  Tho... More


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