What Do Our Clients Have to Say About Us?


We can't say enough about Canine Fitness. At almost 10 Zooey was given a diagnosis of hip dysplasia and knee issues. Due to her age, surgery was not recommended, plus it could not have been done in Calgary. A few people recommended Canine Fitness to us. Physio with Sue and underwater treadmill sessions have made such a difference in Zooey.  She's gained muscle mass, mobility and has basically got her life back.  She's back to her funny, goofy self.  She likes going for her walks and playing again.  She even loves doing her physio exercises at home.  She's "graduated " from physio now, but she loved her time at Canine Fitness. She was always so excited to go and loved seeing everyone there.  We cannot thank you enough Canine Fitness! 

Rick and Tina Smith


Thank you so much to Margaret for the excellent care that was given to my dog Canoe. Canoe was suffering with a sore back and was limping and we were referred to the Canine Fitness Centre. Margaret was amazing and with manipulation and treatments adjusted his back to normal . Will definitely be referring to this great treatment centre. Many thanks to the wonderful staff.

Patricia Taylor


Canine Fitness has been a real lifesaver. Over the years our pack have had numerous sprains & strains. Thankfully with Canine's therapy we've been able to avoid surgery/drugs & give our pups a better quality of life. Highly recommend.

Marty & Alvina


Re: Quazi - When my dog had neck surgery, the resulting incision did not heal close completely and was a risk of being torn open if he scratched his neck.  Laser therapy treatment on the incision site heal the incision within days, and saved us from potentially having another surgery to fix it.  He is a "bulldozer" - it's just as easy to go through something as it is around it.  If I notice him reluctant to jump in the van, or onto the bed, treatments at the Canine Fitness Centre have him back to his old self immediately. 

Re:  Phara - After suffering uterine stump pyometra at 8 years old, the surgery required left my dog with chronic back and sacroiliac joint pain.  Taking her to the Canine Fitness Centre regularly for treatments and laser therapy has allowed her to continue to participate in all the activities she loves. 

Re Scooter - Being a terrier, Scooter is sure he's invincible, and likes to push his body to do things it shouldn't do.  Regular treatment at the Canine Fitness Centre ensures that at 12 1/2 years old, he continues to able to do all the same crazy things he enjoyed 10 years ago. -

Re: Max - In March 2016 my dog suffered a ruptured 10cm mass on his spleen.  The emergency surgery to save his life resulted in abdominal fascia issues.  Treatment at the Canine Fitness Centre on his abdominal fascia leaves him with less roaching in his back and a much easier walking movement, but he thinks the best part is the post treatment cookies. 

Re: Nellie - In February 2017 my 14 year old dog suffered from a Vestibular episode.  I was able to get her into the Canine Fitness Centre 2 days after the episode, immediately upon her release from the emergency facility she was at.  At the time of bringing her in for treatment, she was barely able to take 2 steps without falling over.  She had a second treatment at the Canine Fitness Centre 2 days after the first treatment, and she was able to walk out of the facility on her own accord after that treatment.  In May 2017 she suffered another Vestibular episode, while I was with her and saw it start.  Equipped with information and techniques that I had been taught by Canine Fitness Centre during her first treatments, I was able to thwart the second episode to lasting less than 2 minutes, saving her and I both a tremendous amount of grief. 

Kim Wong


I have been taking my dog to Margaret at Canine Fitness for 10 years and he would not be the happy and healthy dog he is now (at 12 years old) if we hadn’t found her.  From 6 months old trainers were telling us to send this dog back to its breeder, and neither trainers not vets could explain his negative behaviour around other dogs. Finally when he was 2 years old we found Margaret and she had his pain diagnosed in an instant.  He has visited Margaret routinely over the years to prevent the pain recurring and has had a wonderful and very active life running, canoeing, skiing and being a normal, happy dog - all thanks to Canine Fitness.

Jenny Williams & Rusty


I volunteer through Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation and we take several of our fosters to your faculty.  I personally have taken 2 of mine here. I'm currently taking my foster dog who had FHO surgery at 6 months of age due to hip dysphasia and arthritis.  The treatment, care and respect shown to him is amazing!!!  He's come so far so quickly and is getting stronger by the week.  Margaret is amazing with her furclients and her knowledge and understanding is unmatchable!!  I've also enjoyed working with all the staff during Krypto's underwater therapy, they answer all my questions and truly care for all the fur babies they work with.  Thank you all so much for making this such a great experience.  I recommend you all the time to people I know.  

Rosalee Hughson & Krypto


What a talented group of therapists! SashaD had a cranial cruciate ligament tear in 2014. Jennifer offered us an option to try 'Conservative Therapy' ie: non-surgical treatment without guarantees but with her talented hands, laser, underwater treadmill, etc and a clear home exercise plan we were able to allow a full recovery. It required 3-5 months of limited activity with progressively more challenging exercises. I am glad to report in 2017 that she still is surgery free, running and playing with her dog pals. My thanks!

Mary Bereziuk 


It is my privilege to tell everyone how fortunate our family was to find Canine Fitness and Laurie.  We first met Laurie about 13 years ago when our 14 year old Silky Terrier "Chaser" suffered a ruptured knee ligament.  He had two surgeries and neither one worked.  Laurie was able to help him return to his awesome self!!  About four years ago our 8 year old Shih Tzu Asker suffered the same injury.  Once again we went to Laurie, and Asker returned to her awesome self without surgery!!!  We have 2 more rescues, Cinder is a Shih Tzu/Bichon cross 10 years old) and Jack our 3 year old Chihuahua/Minpin cross are in with Laurie every three months for adjustments and maintenance and they always feel great after each visit.  There is no way that we would go anywhere else, or let anyone else take care of our dogs!!!

Canine Fitness is the best!!!!!!!!!

Marilyn and Brian Dunk


After my 11.5 year old West Highland Terrier fully tore her ACL and I received the information from my veterinarian about the various operations to consider on my  May 30th visit,  I asked if there was any therapies other than the operation I could try and that is where our journey began with The Canine Fitness Centre.

Fergie met with Sue, physio therapist, for an 80 minute initial assessment on June 6th.  Sue Van Evera is so kind and as my Fergie is high strung and nervous with any type of office visits Sue was an excellent choice.

With homework in hand for home exercises and appointments that started with seeing Sue once a week plus Underwater Therapy twice a week and then continuing UWT twice a week followed by session with Sue the improvement is amazing.  I am so happy that I chose this route for my dog.

We will continue home exercising and schedule monthly follow ups for a few months. 

This was the right course of action for me and I would highly recommend The Canine Fitness Centre.

Thank you everyone - you're all great!

Maureen and Fergie 


Our rescue dog, Scout, suffered an ACL and knee area injury in November, 2015. We found out about CFC at an information booth just after her TPLO surgery. The Care Center shared their x-rays and notes with CFC to assist them in understanding the extent of her injuries and setting her rehab program. It involved use of the underwater treadmill, Stance Analyzer, obstacle courses, monitoring muscle mass changes of both legs and a weight control program. Improvement was unexpectedly more rapid after we had the Care Center remove the TPLO devices.

She recently jolted her ribs and spine when she fell in a gopher hole while running. CFC has treated her for these injuries as well.

We cannot express enough appreciation to all of the staff at CFC who have participated in a patient and gentle way with our family member.

John & Sharon Haley


When our sweet Magie (Long Haired Dachshund) was four she became paralyzed.   Was nothing she did – just a genetic condition/disorder for this breed  (one in six Dachshund’s become paralyzed).   She had surgery which corrected the paralysis, but she needed therapy to help her learn to walk again and regain the strength/muscles in her back.   The vet/ surgeon suggested Canine Fitness.   We had our first visit the day we left the Animal Hospital.  After a consultation they suggested water therapy and physio therapy.  Two months after her surgery, Magie was going for walks and loving it (Something she used to hate to do as her back must have been hurting her)!   We were very impressed with the care and therapy program, and to see how well Magie was recovering thanks to the loving, knowledgeable, caring staff at Canine Fitness.   They are absolutely amazing.

Going forward six years later, Magie is a strong, healthy and happy dog.   Since she does have a degenerative disc disease we still continue therapy at Canine Fitness every two months to maintain a healthy back.  When we ask her know if she wants to go for a walk she runs to the door with her tail wagging (before she used to run and hide in her kennel).   If it wasn’t for Canine Fitness I’m sure Magie wouldn’t be in as good as health as she is today.  We are very GRATEFUL to all the staff at Canine Fitness and especially Laurie who has such a magic touch.   Thank you!!! 

Susan and Brian


Our dog has been a 'frequent flyer' at the Canine Fitness Centre since the age of 7 months. He was injured when he joined our family at 4 months, and a vet had already seen him and  figured it was a minor injury that needed rest. So we spent 2 months (and a couple more vet visits) trying to keep our Australian Shepherd puppy calm (impossible!) before we started to figure enough was enough, there must be more going on here. That was when we heard about the Canine Fitness Centre. At the first appointment, he was quickly and expertly diagnosed, and although he had a CCL tear and required surgery and rehab, we finally had answers and could move on to the road of recovery. Three surgeries and four and half years later for this accident prone dog and we are still coming back to the Canine Fitness Centre. We truly believe in the value and benefits of what they do and can't imagine where we would be if we never had that first appointment. We have seen multiple therapists and assistants and are always greeted with a cheerful smiling face and provided with expert care. We joke that our dog likes them so much he finds a reason to at least visit his 'Aunties' every few months for some sort of tune up!

Haley and Schyler Henschel 


The Canine Fitness Centre has done marvellous things for any dogs I have presented to them to fix.  A note to breeders it's also good place to take your litter of puppies there as well because surprisingly many pups start out with things out for whatever reason.  I've proven this to myself.  Me and my dogs would be in a real bind without them to fix us up. They have also fixed me personally as well.

Moriah Porter-Dales


We've been taking our 11 year old Beagle Pebbles to see Margaret and we can't say enough good things about her! She is so knowledgable in canine bodies and how they function, I was blown away by how much she knew. And Pebbles has been more flexible and healthier every since we've started to see her. I'm so thankful that there is such a place like Canine Fitness so our dogs can get the proper exercises and treatment for long term health.  Thank you!

Adrian, Terrin & Pebbles Daemen


When I realized what my dog and I were doing next weekend, I had to smile.  On Saturday, my Rottweiler Wicca is entered in the 12 years and over category in Veteran’s Sweeps at the Rottweiler Specialty and on Sunday we are running agility.  We owe a big thanks to the folks at Canine Fitness Centre!  We go in regularly to have Wicca’s “old lady” aches and pains taken care of.  There is always a little more spring in her step after a treatment.  They have also given me exercises to do with her at home to help keep her fit and limber.  I’m so grateful to have her still fully enjoying life at 12 J

Barb Burgess & Wicca


Our 3 year old Portuguese Water Dog developed a shoulder injury. I brought her in to Sue who did an evaluation and discovered a lower back injury as well as a bicep strain.  We did our exercises at home and after several sessions graduated from her therapy. Just in time to be in top shape for the arrival of her baby sister Surf, another Portie of course. 

Dana Fisher-Stirrett and Hyper Piper, & Surf


Ok these guys are probably tired of hearing me talk about them. I am always bragging about how great they are, anyone on the local Dog Facebook pages as well as my friends are also probably tired of hearing about them but Im ok with it because they deserve to be bragged about.....they are just that good!!! (anyone who knows me knows I dont hand out recommendations or brag about people freely. You have to EARN it with me. ;))Even your perfectly seeming pup is in need of a checkup to prevent things from going astray later in life. They are truly amazing everyone of them I can't count the number of people I have referred here that have also been incredibly happy. Many of them have avoided major orthopaedic surgeries because of the care and rehab they received. Myself, my mom, my godson and a good friend to name 4. I have been using them regularly for about 2.5 years and can not say enough good. Tyson loves his Aunty Laurie and before her he had Margaret who was also wonderful. Laurie goes so far above and beyond it is unbelievable(as did Margaret in the short time she cared for him), I know only one other pet care giver who could be Laurie's equal in the caring department and coincidently she referred me to him and he saved my guys life a year ago!! So we are thankful for Aunty Laurie in more then just her orthopaedic knowledge/skill. She will probably kill me this week when we see her but I have even got videos in pjs late on Friday nights that she has gone to the kitchen with her dog and husband to make for me because she was concerned about my complicated little buddy and wanted me to try some things that were easier shown then explained. That is just a very very small part of the ways she has gone above and beyond and well I could go on and on but I'm sure you get the picture. GIVE YOUR PETS THE CARE THEY DESERVE AND TRY THEM OUT!!! Their knowledge in orthopaedics and the care they will give your pets will not be matched anywhere ever!! They are a world class facility and we have them right here in our city!! Tyson and I are thankful everyday and very grateful we found them when we did!!

Darcy McNabb & Tyson


I love everyone I've met at The Canine Fitness Centre.  Laurie has been my "go to"  physiotherapist for my dogs since the mid-nineties when she was working out of her home and sometimes going out to the homes of her clients.  I met her when she was recommended to help my boy, Kuda, when he needed physio after knee surgery, and I needed to learn what to do between visits. What a great choice that was!

When Tansei was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy, I knew exactly where we needed to go. After six months, they expertly measured him up for his own wheels   and taught me how to strap him in.  He and I, and Arrow went all over the place in the woods where I live, just as we did before.  With Laurie's magic fingers keeping him free from back and shoulder issues as his hindquarters deteriorated, he lived a more comfortable and, I'm convinced, longer, life.  He would sometimes make his little groans of pleasure when she was working on him.  He loved her as much as I did and went right for the door in the old location when we arrived, eager to see her.

Next has come my 16.5 year old Arrow girl.  She has arthritis in her knees and Laurie's magic fingers again came to the rescue to keep her comfortable and walking.  Now Sue is working with us as Laurie cuts back her hours to look after herself better.  And guess what?  Sue has magic fingers, too!  And she, too, is easy to talk with and learn from, and loves dogs.  The TLC these two women have provided is so helpful for Arrow. I think they are "dog whisperers"!

Always, my dogs have been approached and handled with great gentleness, competence and patience.  And I, too, have experienced so much patience, with my tendency to be late ... and with my non-stop talking.  The staff at the front desk have always been so kind toward both of us and everyone wears a smile.  Everyone I’ve encounter at the Canine Fitness Centre, has listened so often with empathic ears, sharing stories, advice and laughter..

The wonderful women at The Canine Fitness Centre are a special "family" for me and my dogs.  I thank them, every one, from my heart.

Donna Anderson and Arrow 


Decades of dealing with Laurie and recently, her stellar physio team, keeps me coming here probably more frequently than my veterinarian. We start our litters of Newfoundland puppies here at Canine Fitness with a puppy wellness assessment before they are even sent off to their new homes to give them the best start at their new life. Continuously through their growth stages, we will bring our new pup(s) to maintain a balance to their growing phases and this sets them up for the best advantage at having structurally sound adulthood. Through their adult years, we maintain life's little mishaps to continue this sound body for their senior years. One of the most fun things we attended was CFC's Senior Dog classes. One of our elder girls loved her weekly visits. Cannot give more than 5 stars, but easily, this centre is a TEN!

Dawn Fretts - Owned by Vickie, Tizzy, Ocean, Pedro, Epic & Gypsea (AKA Flapper & Crush)


We have brought our golden retriever, Kain, to Laurie, Amalia, and all the wonderful staff at the Fitness Centre since April 2008 to be treated for CCL and meniscus injuries. Kain’s successful rehabilitation has be due in huge part to Laurie’s physical therapy sessions and his UWT sessions 1-2 times per week where Amalia worked with him to overcome his fears. From Wendy at reception to all the staff in hydrotherapy and physical therapy they are an extremely professional, caring and empathetic group and we would recommend the Canine Fitness Centre to anyone looking for the best care for their pet.
Bill and Trish Mathieson

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on my experiences with Canine Fitness. I had the pleasure of working with many staff members at the centre for more than a year. From the first moment walking into the centre the experience was friendly! I was made to feel as though my dog Kyo was the best dog to ever come across the doorway! More importantly my dog Kyo had a very good time as well! Kyo’s rehab required the water treadmill and physio. Everyone worked very effectively to ensure my dog enjoyed these new experiences. When signing off the file, our last visit ending I knew I was going to miss the team at Canine Fitness.
Deb Garceau

It is hard to put into words the amazing affect the CFC has had on our dog Kayla. The staff have given her a new lease on life after having fusion surgery on her left hock. The surgeon told us no physiotherapy or rehabilitation was needed, but to expect that she would run three legged for the rest of her life. We refused to accept this and brought her to the CFC. As a result of their hard work and dedication, Kayla lost 20 pounds, gained back all the muscle mass she had lost (and more!) and runs four legged pain free! She is like a brand new dog! Kayla has been officially discharged from the CFC, but we are there every Saturday for her to use the underwater treadmill, which she is now addicted to! It is a great, safe form of exercise for her and helps keep her weight down and her muscles and joints strong. The staff are wonderful, caring individuals whose top priority is your dogs’ well being. We would recommend the Canine Fitness Centre to anyone who wants the best quality of life for their best friend!
Steve and Carolee Welsh

When our beloved “little boy” Otis got out of bilateral TPLO surgery, our first thoughts were “My God, what have we done”. But, with the help of the professional compassionate staff (Jen, Amalia, Candace, Lindsay, Jocelyn, and Wendy) of Canine Fitness, our Otis is better than ever! We refer to him as our bionic dog! We really don’t know what we would’ve done or where he’d be in his recovery process without CFC’s guidance. Thank you doesn’t even begin to cut it, but THANK YOU CANINE FITNESS! Every canine who goes through trauma should be recommended to CFC!
Kathy and Gary Jessop
Millarville, AB

We appreciate the professionalism, attention and patience of all the staff. I would be happy to provide references.
Sonny Belenki

What can we say? All of you were amazing with Tuffy. Even when you realized Tuffy would not walk, even with therapy, you were honest and we all decided that the best thing was to keep his front end healthy so he would have a better quality of life. You all treated Tuffy with love and care and I think you all enjoyed his quirky personality as much as we did. He also loved you, as whenever we were coming for treatment we told him we were going to see “the girls” and he would get so excited. It was not only physical therapy for him but also a social occasion. All the equipment you used on Tuffy was top notch and your facility and equipment was clean and well maintained. You all went the extra mile for Tuffy and for us as we dealt with all the issues included with caring for a disabled dog. The care and compassion you show all the dogs which come into your facility always amazed and humbled us. All of you will remain very special in our hearts and minds forever.
Margaret and Larry Savage

Where to begin? Our family (two legged and four legged) has been blessed by the gracious care provided by all members of the Canine Fitness Centre team over the past 5 years numerous times. From general wellness care to post surgery rehab, whether its pet health advocacy or comforting an overwhelmed pet guardian that “its going to get better”, we’ve been so pleased with the knowledgeable professionals at the Canine Fitness Center and are quite confident that our pet’s quality of life would be much less had we not engaged the Canine Fitness Centre’s services.
Alison Archambault

I cannot tell you how many times I have recommended your services to my friends.  This facility is “top notch” in my books.  My dogs have been clients for a very long time and not because they have been injured.  My dogs have been going to this facility for fitness maintenance.  My dogs get very excited to go through those front doors.  The staff is amazing and my dogs enjoy being with them.  Our experience has always been excellent and my dogs’ health is a testament to their services.
Gwen Haynes

We began taking our Golden Retriever, Hobbes, to the Canine Fitness Centre when he was diagnosed with arthritis.  The wonderful staff made the treatments so enjoyable for him - they treated him like family!  Over the years, as his arthritis worsened, our visits became more frequent and more obviously important to his well-being.  In Feb. 2008 he was struck with Geriatric Vestibular Disease- we called to cancel our regular appointment, only to be told to get him in ASAP as they had a procedure that could help him.  They never ceased to amaze us at the Canine Fitness Centre!  We have recently lost our beautiful Hobbes at 15 ½ - we know without the wonderful care he received at the Canine Fitness Centre we would have been going through this difficult time so much sooner.  And even at the end, the Canine Fitness Centre was there for us- they found a wonderful vet to come to our home on a Saturday so our Hobbes could leave us peacefully in his bed.  We miss our Saturday visits to the Canine Fitness Centre; we can never thank them enough for all they’ve done for Hobbes and for us.
Kathy Armes and Pete Notar

Whenever my dog is in obvious pain and is treated at the Canine Fitness Centre she receives immediate relief.  She presented originally with a suspected tendonitis.  After several treatments she no longer has this problem.  However, since her condition seems to be chronic I expect to be a regular visitor to the Centre, dealing with injuries as they occur.
Jean-Clare F Rogers

We made the decision to have a Costly TPLO surgery on both hind legs of our 12 year old border collie.  Post surgery our beloved old girl, who we had been promised would be 100%, was not responding well, in fact she had become a floor mat.  After waiting a few months, we decided that the surgery was a waste of money if she didn’t start responding soon, so we needed to so something.  As she hates water, we were skeptical about the hydrotherapy tank.  Well, 10 visits or so later she was a different dog.  She never learned to love the water but she improved dramatically, and that’s what matters. We can’t thank the staff at the CFC enough.  They had faith in us even when we didn’t, and thanks to them Boomer dramatically improved.  She is 14 years old now, and we still walk every day.  Boomer would not have ever recovered properly without the CFC, they have a special place in our hearts!
Anne Brady



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