Our Staff

Livia Metcalf


Livia started to The Canine Fitenss Centre Ltd. as a client in 2015 after moving from Vancouver, seeking out preventative therapy in Calgary for her personal unicorn - a Pug named Peggy Sue. 


The Canine Fitness Centre became an integral part of Peggy Sue’s therapy, health, and was monumental in her treatment plan for 6 years. Livia would often joke that CFC was Peggy’s “Happy Place".   Though Livia hates talking about herself, she will happily share and talk about her experience living with and loving a "differently abled" and later a wheelie dog as degenerative issues progressed. She treasures all the lessons that she learned - which led her into changing career paths and now working at Canine Fitness! 


Liv believes strongly in supporting others on this journey and will often be found fostering and helping care for canine seniors and special needs pups in many different capacities. When she isn't working you will most likely find her happily walking or enjoying moments with a wise “grey face"” buddy,  studying Canine Nutrition course material, climbing a mountain, painting, or working in her garden. Fun fact - Livia has traveled to 37 countries and her favourite food is dill pickles!


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