Laurie Edge-Hughes, BScPT, MAnimSt(Animal Physio), CAFCI, CCRT

Laurie obtained her degree in physical therapy (BScPT) from the University of Alberta in 1993. Following graduation, she worked in the intensive care unit at the Foothills Hospital (Calgary, AB) before practicing at a private physiotherapy clinic (Cochrane, AB). Her broad post-graduate education has been in the field of human and canine orthopaedics, including advanced assessment and treatment in spinal and extremity neuro-musculoskeletal conditions, postural stabilization, dynamic muscular stabilization, adverse neural tissue tension assessment and treatment, and osteopathic therapeutic techniques (i.e. muscle energy, craniosacral therapy, and functional indirect therapy). Laurie received her certification in medical acupuncture from the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute. She also obtained special dispensation to practice spinal manipulations in the province of Alberta.

Laurie has always demonstrated particular interest in the field of animal physiotherapy. Early on in her career, she completed numerous courses offered by the Canadian Horse and Animal Physical Therapists Association (CHAP) in this field. She initiated her practice with animals in 1993, integrating her skills and knowledge in physical therapy and rehabilitation in humans with her passion for animals. Laurie founded Four Leg Rehabilitation Therapy (Cochrane, AB) in 1997, where she provided physical therapy services to animals and their owners in the greater Calgary area. Laurie currently practices animal physical therapy at The Canine Fitness Centre Ltd. (Calgary, AB), a facility she established in 2004 in partnership with Amalia Rossi Campos MVZ, MSc and Dr. Manuel Campos, MVZ, MSc, PhD.

Other accomplishments in Laurie’s professional career include holding executive positions within CHAP since its inception. This association, which Laurie now chairs, is currently known as the Animal Rehab Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. Laurie has been very much at the forefront of the field of canine physical therapy, and taught the first courses in this field in Canada (1999), the United States (1999) and Australia (2001). She has created the curricula for the Canadian Diploma in Canine Rehabilitation for the Animal Rehab Division. Laurie lectured with the Canine Rehabilitation Institute (CRI) in the USA, a canine physical therapy and rehabilitation certification program for veterinarians, physical therapists, veterinary technicians, and physical therapy assistants for 10 years before leaving to pursue other interests. Laurie holds a certification in Canine Rehabilitation Therapy (CCRT) from the same institute. Laurie has been an invited lecturer at the Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth International Symposia on Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in Veterinary Medicine as well as at the Second and Third Annual Conference on Veterinary Physiotherapy at the Royal Veterinary College (London, England). Laurie has been a guest lecturer for the continuing professional development program at the Royal Veterinary College (London, England), the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy (England), the Australian Animal Physiotherapy Group, the Animal Physiotherapy Group of South Africa, The Animal Rehab Special Interest Group of the USA, The Animal Physiotherapy Program at the Luleå University of Technology in Sweden and in 2005 & 2006 was a clinical tutor for the Master in Animal Studies in Animal Physiotherapy program at the University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia). In 2006, Laurie received her Master in Animal Studies (Animal Physiotherapy) degree from the University of Queensland, Australia. Laurie has lectured at several physical therapy and veterinary medicine conferences, was a case examiner for the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management, and has been a guest clinical skills instructor for the University of Calgary, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.  She is also currently on the executive board of directors for the International Association of Physical Therapists in Animal Therapy of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy.

Laurie is also the inaugural recipient of the 2020 Veterinary Rehabilitation Therapist of the Year.  An award voted on by peers and awarded by the International Association of Veterinary Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy.


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