Our Staff

Kelly Ladouceur, BScPT, MBA


Kelly has been an animal lover for as long as she can remember.  While other kids played house, she played at being a dog groomer and trainer (with many apologies to her childhood dog Max).   She completed her Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy just 20 short years ago, but decided that working with people wasn't her thing.  She has been working in oil and gas ever since.  Kelly took the courses offered through the Animal Rehab Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and did some job shadowing at the Canine Fitness Centre.  She joined the crew in January of 2021 to help out and may never leave.


When Kelly isn't working, she is very active in the dog world, as she breed American Cocker Spaniels and competes with them in a number of venues, including conformation, obedience, nosework and more. She teaches nosework classes as well as judging rally obedience and nosework. Her many years of watching show dogs has helped her home her eye for structure and movement.  Kelly loves all dogs and enjoys every moment of her job at the CFC.

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