Our Staff

Janine McGee


Janine graduated from NAIT in 1985 with a Diploma in Animal Health Technology. She’s been working in small animal practice vet clinics around Calgary for 30 years. Her experience includes 15 years in Emergency Medicine and a year in Specialty Surgery. In her free time, Janine enjoys various dog sports. She started agility in 1997 with her first dog, a Border Collie named Heath.  When she’s not at the clinic, you might run into her at agility, tracking, barn hunt, obedience or nosework events. Janine and her husband Lorne live with 5 dogs, 4 cats and 3 parrots.


Janine has been a long-time client of CFC owner, Laurie Edge-Hughes (first seeing her out of her house), and then of the Canine Fitness Centre.  We were so happy when Janine answered the call to help out with administering underwater treadmill appointments, and now swim session in the pool as well!



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