"Sit" Problems in Obedience Competition Dogs
Edge-Hughes L. A version of this article was printed in Canine Review

Anatomy, Biomechanics, Physiology, Diagnosis and Treatment of Teres Major Strains in the Canine
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Canine Cognitive Dysfunction/ Dementia
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Conservative Management of Chondrodystrophic Dogs with Thoracolumbar Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)
Edge-Hughes L. Conservative management of chondrodystrophic dogs with thoracolumbar intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD). CHAP Newsletter, December 2007, 4 6.

Conservative Management of Cruciate Ligament Deficiency with Physical Therapy
Edge-Hughes L. Presented at the 5th International Symposium of Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy in Veterinary Medicine, Minnesota, August 2008.

Does Your Puppy Know Where His Back End Is?
Kraeling M. Does your puppy know where his back end is? Canine Review.

Obesity in Dogs
Portions of this article were printed as: Malcolm S, Edge-Hughes L. Obesity in dogs. Interdivisional Review Published by Canadian Physiotherapy Association Orthopaedic Division, Jan / Feb, 2008: 41 41.

Proposed Treatment for Vestibular Dysfunction in Dogs
Kraeling M. Proposed treatment for vestibular dysfunction in dogs. CHAP Newsletter, December 2007, 6 9.

Treatment of Osteoarthritis in the Literature
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