Information for Veterinarians

The Canine Fitness Centre is a non-affiliated facility and relies entirely upon veterinary referrals for rehabilitation services in cases involving lameness, injury or any surgical procedure. Please note that we are NOT a veterinary clinic nor do we have a licensed veterinarian on staff.

Equipment and services at the CFC are designed to offer state of the art small animal physical rehabilitation.

Benefits to your veterinary practice:

  • Access to state of the art equipment and facility with professional, trained personnel that will assess the patient, design, and carry out treatment programs, as well as document and report the progress of your canine patient.
  • Faster recovery time and superior results following surgical intervention or injury.
  • Enhanced client satisfaction.
  • Direct communication between The Canine Fitness Centre and your veterinary clinic or practice to ensure quality care of your patients.
  • Your input, feedback, and suggestions will always be welcome and appreciated.

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