Fitness and Conditioning

Popping out of weave poles?
Missing jumps?
Inability to ‘stack’?
Crooked sit?
Maybe it’s not you!!

Fitness Evaluations

Excellent for the sporting, competition, and conformation dogs, our fitness evaluations are for dogs that are not lame, have not been injured and/or have not had surgery, but are just not performing quite right. A veterinary referral is not necessary for a fitness evaluation. We assess and treat minor spinal facet joint dysfunctions, sacroiliac joint problems, and/or rib issues. Advice may be given regarding gait retraining, stance modification, postural control, body awareness, and endurance. Some dogs may also benefit from an individually tailored home exercise program and/or utilizing our wide range of indoor exercise equipment. Injury prevention is also addressed.

Well-Puppy Check-Ups

The first year in a dog’s life is critical to a healthy future. Puppies are hard on their bodies, and minor injuries can lead to a lifetime of problems. As well, learning to control and co-ordinate their body does not always come naturally to a puppy – especially in large and giant breeds! During a well-puppy check up, our therapists will identify minor spinal, pelvis or rib joint dysfunctions, as well as co-ordination and body awareness concerns, and early signs of possible orthopaedic issues. Manual treatments or exercise programs are utilized to address these minor issues. We also do litter grading to evaluate puppies for sound conformation and structure.

Please Note:

Fitness Evaluations and Well-Puppy Check-Ups are not intended to replace regular veterinary care and examination. In general if your dog is lame, has had surgery, or has been injured, you must see your veterinarian first in order to obtain a referral prior to seeking our rehabilitation services. If we have some concerns about a possible orthopaedic or neurological issue during your animal’s fitness evaluation or puppy check, your vet will be notified and you will be advised to seek veterinary care. Our services are intended to complement veterinary care, which is why we promote collaboration with members of the veterinary profession.


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