Kris Harrigan

Kris completed her canine massage course in 2003 at Tree Tops in Alston, Ontario. Her involvement with animals did not start there, in fact she has too many years to track. She has experience in most aspects of the canine world, from training dogs for film work to sports like agility and flyball, and even as a longtime performer with the Real Canadian Superdogs (yep, think the Calgary Stampede). Kris also worked as an emergency veterinary technician in the US before coming to Canada. She is a big advocate of animal rescue. She has either placed or rehabbed animals for over 30 years. 


Kris moved to Calgary in 2006, after retiring from a very long career with the Real Canadian Superdogs. She discovered her love of the city, the mountains, and the really cold weather during her time with the show as it would stop here every year.


Shortly after she arrived in Calgary, her beloved dog ‘Jitter Bug’ became paralyzed due to a back injury.  Kris sought out other methods of treatment besides her massage and found The Canine Fitness Centre.  As a result, Kris became a huge advocate of the clinic and the services offered here. Not only does she bring her own dogs for physio, but she also recommends the clinic to her clients as well.  She is a true believer in the benefit of physio and hydrotherapy, as well as massage. 


Kris is eager to share her passion for animal wellness as a team member of The Canine Fitness Centre!


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