Our Staff

Saige Materi

Saige is a dog lover through and through and has always been surrounded by dogs. Her first dog was a Black Lab, Tyson, and as an adult she rescued a Chihuahua named Rocky who is 10 years old. He lights up her world!

At a young age Saige worked at a retail pet store where she learned about a multitude of household pets. Saige’s next role was as a canine coach at a dog daycare. She was there for several years. One of the highlights at that workplace was the grooming department. Saige was then able to express her artistic skills! She loved the variety and learning about breed-specific cuts and even colouring hair in rainbows highlights!

Her love for nature and the outdoors inspired Saige to create a dog-walking business that met both of these interests.

Saige is thrilled to now be part of the team at The Canine Fitness Centre. She enjoys caring for and helping to rehabilitate all sorts of dogs (and the odd other creature now and then) and finds the work immensely enjoyable and rewarding.

When Saige isn't found dog walking, or working at The Canine Fitness Centre, you can find her trekking up mountains, or hanging out with her friends and all their dogs!


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