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Get Up and MOVE!

29 Aug 2017

By Sandra Oxtoby, BKiin, MScPT, Dipl. Canine Rehab (c)


The research that is coming out of the University of Pennsylvania in February 2016 has one simple message - Get Up and Move! 


Activity is important for the health and improved life quality of EVERYONE, two legged and four legged.  Any sort of activity is associated with reduced mortality, and you don’t even have to get a good sweat on.  Medical researchers have found that for adults aged 50 – 79, even 10 minutes of light activity daily predicts lower mortality rates.  With all of our busy lives, activity can be intimidating to keep up.  But this research shows us that it doesn’t have to be vigorous to be beneficial


 So… let’s keep each other moving.   When you work with a Canine Rehab Therapist, they will prescribe your dog a home exercise plan.  In the back of a lot of owner’s minds, they are thinking, “I can’t even get my own exercise done, how will I get my dog’s done?!?”  Let us put them TOGETHER!  Examples include:


  • Walking cavaletties – Don’t just send your dog through, take those high steps yourself.  This is great for working on coordination and hip/knee flexor strength.
  • Hill walking – Don’t just think it is for your dog, you are participating by doing the hills as well.


NOW, go benefit from spending some time together rehabbing your pup!


Sandra Dog

Photo: CFC therapist, Sandra completing wobble board squats, as her dog Fury does ‘Step Up’s on the exercise ball.  



University of Pennsylvania.  “ Moving around more linked to longer life.”  ScienceDaily.  ScienceDaily, 25 February 2016.   






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