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Helping the Neurologic Dog – Pointing to More Resources

22 Jan 2021

Laurie Edge-Hughes, BScPT, MAnimSt (Animal Physio.), CAFCI, CCRT


Neuro Dog Tips

I set out to write an original blog on items to help the neurologic dog.  The wobbly.  The disc dog.  The paralyzed dog.  The degenerative myelopathy dog.  And so on.  I was inspired by another blog I saw… but then I thought, “Why reinvent the wheel?”  “Why not just share tidbits and links to those blogs?”  Those that want to skim, can skim.  Those that want to dive deeper can click on the links!  So, here we go!!!


Instead of describing all of the reasons WHY a dog might have neurologic signs, I wanted instead to discuss how you can help your dog with mobility challenges such as neurologic weakness, clumsiness, or paralysis.  Check these out!


Foot Protection

Neurologic dogs will often drag their feet, sometimes causing wounds.  In the following link, there are a number of solutions to help with this problem.



Older dogs and those with injuries or balance issues can have trouble moving around the home, especially on slippery surfaces like tile or wood floors.  Providing dogs with good traction in the home helps them gain confidence, remain active, and reduces their chances of getting hurt.


Resources to help you help your dog to overcome mobility challenges:

Book Review – Sit. Stand. Go. 

Blog – Tips for Enhancing the Home Environment:

Blog – What to do with your Paralyzed Dog while Self Isolating: 


Therapies may help dogs with Degenerative Myelopathy 

This blog review two papers.  One discusses laser therapy and the other physiotherapy for slowing down the progression of degenerative myelopathy.


Challenges unique to the paralyzed dog:

How to express the bladder -

Bowel Management for Incontinent Pets -

Urinary Tract Infections -


Helpful Products

Harnesses are great to help move your dog if he or she still has some mobility.  

Different Kinds of Dog Harnesses -  The preceding blog was found on the Help Em Up Harness website.  It’s a product we recommend and sell a The Canine Fitness Centre.

I found a listing of other harnesses and slings on this site as well:


Dog wheelchairs / carts are becoming more and more mainstream!  I couldn’t find a blog that objectively looked at the different kinds, so instead I will just link to our top 3 favourites:

Doggon ‘Wheels -

Eddie’s Wheels -

Walkin Wheels -


Tips and Tricks for Mental Stimulation


Lastly, there is a fabulous Facebook group that people should join if they are living with a dog with disabilities… and that’s just what it’s called.  It has tons of great info, wonderful interviews, and a great community that shares information.  We recommend it!


That should help you fill your time while not going out for dinner, not meeting up with friends, not playing sports, and so on!  Happy 2021!



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