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Monika Hoyer, BSc, CPDT

Monika’s interest in all things furred and feathered started at a young age, fully immersing herself in the care and training of the family dog, a collection of exotic pets, and all things wild. By high school she was fostering and training parrots and volunteering in wildlife rescue. At the age of 14 she graduated from the family dog to purchase, raise, and train her own Australian Shepherd mix. Kodi, now a senior dog, remains her closest companion, her go to working dog, and the steady balance for her young Border Collie, Badger. Together both dogs help manage a small flock of rescued budgies, the reminders of Monika’s time working with and for the birds.


Monika earned her BSc. from the University of Lethbridge with a primary focus on the study of ethology (the evolution of animal behaviour) and neuroscience. Deciding to put theory into practice she went on to complete a professional trainer’s course in BC to become a certified professional dog trainer. On her return to Alberta she took up a manager and head trainer position at a large boarding and training facility just outside Lethbridge. She later returned to Calgary where she owned and operated her own dog daycare and training facility. With a desire to spend more time and energy working closely to help dogs and their owners Monika gave up the daycare to focus more on the training aspect of her business and to join the Canine Fitness Centre team to help dogs navigate the road to recovery and the journey through their senior years. 


In her downtime you’ll find her ripping up the flyball lanes with Badger and her honorary Coonhound Emm, or enjoying a peaceful walk with her dogs through our city’s parks or nearby mountain playgrounds. Just about everything she does revolves around spending time with her dogs or participating in dog sports and when it doesn’t they’re usually in the back seat along for the ride anyway! She retains her love of our natural world, the science of nature and behaviour, and the open exchange of knowledge and learning. Just be careful or she’ll talk behaviour with you for hours!





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