Get Up and MOVE!

29 Aug 2017

By Sandra Oxtoby, BKiin, MScPT, Dipl. Canine Rehab (c)   The research that is coming out of the University of Pennsylvania in February 2016 has one simple message - Get Up and Move!    Activity is important for the health and improved life quality of EVERYONE, two legged and four legged.  Any sort of activity is associated with reduced mortality, and you don’t even have to get a good sweat on.  Medical researchers have found that for adults aged 50 – 79, ... More

My Appendix Story... and how it pertains to your dog!

26 Jul 2017

So, here’s my story and how it might relate to helping our animal companions to heal after any kind of surgery.Saturday July 8th, I was awakened by stomach pains at about 5 am.  Just diffuse abdominal pain.  I went to the bathroom figuring that a good cleansing vomit would be coming shortly.  Three hours later, I was correct.  And that is when I had my husband phone my business partner to cancel my patients and ask if she would see the wheelchair fitting case that ... More

Does your dog have River Stink?

26 Jul 2017

 If your dog goes in the waters around Calgary, you may have noticed that he or she is a tad bit malodorous at times!  There is a distinctive stink to some dogs who play in our waters (and it seems to be specific to waters or ponds that come from Rocky Mountain streams or rivers... because water-loving dogs in Colorado have the same stink, but water-dogs on the east coast don’t have the same smell at all.) Anyhoo... looking for a solution to the issue?  Here are some ti... More


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